Protected Auto Customer Care


Protected Auto Customer Care Club (PACC) is a customer retention program like no other. We help your business create a bond between your new and used vehicle customers and your service department by providing them with a complementary ongoing tire pressure maintenance program and a value rich benefit package. In addition to helping your customers achieve optimum fuel economy and safety by Pledging to aid them in maintaining Proper tire inflation Pressure, PACC provides them with a 12 month membership in the providing free:

  • Tire Road Hazard Coverage
  • 24 Hour Towing
  • 24 Hour Flat Tire Service
  • 24 Hour Jump-Start
  • 24 Hour Lock-Out Service
  • Trip Interruption Coverage
  • Free Trip Routing Service
  • Discount Travel Benefits
  • 24 Hour Emergency Fluid Delivery
  • Theft and Hit and Run Protection


To activate their PACC membership, all your customers need to do is
register online. Upon registration their e-mail addresses are “coded” to your
dealership and they are automatically sent a personalized PACC newsletter on behalf of your business every 45 days inviting them back for a complementary tire pressure check. PACC “trains” your customers to return to your dealership for routine maintenance and provides sales opportunities between regular service intervals.

PACC newsletters are professionally written and

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designed to focus on the safety,
economic and environmental benefits of timely and consistent vehicle maintenance, and can be customized by you on-line to include:

  • Full Color Print and Clip Coupons
  • Customer Surveys
  • Product Announcements
  • Event Announcements
  • Web Links and more

The PACC Program is designed as a complementary product to be given to all of your new and used vehicle customers. It is engineered to help you keep more customers and enhance your service drive traffic and sales by combining valuable benefits with a simple but necessary service and providing a retention program that keeps your business “top of mind.”

PACC is also designed to work without your staff having to work harder. All roadside benefits are prepaid and only require a phone call from your customers to activate.

Replacement tires are paid for in full, within policy limits, regardless of wear (down to 3/32”) with no pro-rations. Tire benefits require pre-authorization by the customer only and benefits are paid directly to the customer. No paperwork or participation from the dealer is required.