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APT only represents the largest, most reputable and financially stable companies in the marketplace. Companies like IAS, Allstate Dealer Services, The Impact Group, Perma Plate, EckBond, ECP and Endurance Dealer Services are just an example of the providers we align ourselves with. When it comes to quality vs cost, we opt for quality, stability and longevity.

Daily Management Reports

Utilizing the services of the IAS PRU Reports and Stone Eagle Secure Metrics, we give our clients the ability to manage their F&I department, both from a compliance standpoint as well as a performance standpoint, on a daily basis. Our systems fully integrate with your DMS system making the process seamless.


Providing continuous training on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, we help ensure your F&I, Sales and BDC Departments remain compliant with all current regulations. We provide our clients with the ability to complete weekly online training webinars as well as quarterly advanced seminars, held locally, that keep them fresh and up to date with the latest disclosure techniques available in the market today. We have partnered with Innovative Aftermarket Systems (IAS), Allstate Dealer Services and Ron Reahard & Associates.

Online F&I Training

Ron Reahard\\\'s Achieving F&I Excellence Online!™ brings the premier F&I Certification Program right to your dealership, giving F&I managers the flexibility and convenience to learn at their own pace with 24 hour a day, 365 day a year access!


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